One thing, every day

(cover photo credit: Matthew Weidenbach, Illuminated Shadows Photography) This past weekend gave me the privilege to be a part of history: marching alongside thousands of others at the Black Lives Matter/Stop Killing Us Protest Rally in Rochester, NY. People of all races and ages met in Martin Luther King Jr. Park, listened to speeches, meditatedContinue reading “One thing, every day”

The American presidency is permanently damaged

It has become impossible for me to imagine how my Trump-supporting Christian friends have been able to reconcile their faith with Trump’s hate-filled words and divisive politics. How do they make room in their conservative theology for this multi-married, promiscuous pussy-grabber who mocked a disabled reporter, a gold star family, and a deceased war hero;Continue reading “The American presidency is permanently damaged”

“The world is black; the world is white. Together we grow to see the light…”

It is hard to ignore the deep divisions within our society: rich vs. poor; conservative vs. liberal; gay vs. straight; haves vs. have-nots; Christians vs. Muslims… The most troubling one continues to be white vs. persons of color. Something about the 2016 election seems to have unleashed a new factionalism in America, as well asContinue reading ““The world is black; the world is white. Together we grow to see the light…””