The Calls are Coming from Inside the House

On September 11, 2001, the symbolic center of American capitalism and economic hegemony was chosen for horrific destruction to strike at the heart of our way of life.  18 years later, we are once again under attack, only this time, it is from within. The metanarrative of the American experience is immigration.  Unless your ancestorsContinue reading “The Calls are Coming from Inside the House”

The American presidency is permanently damaged

It has become impossible for me to imagine how my Trump-supporting Christian friends have been able to reconcile their faith with Trump’s hate-filled words and divisive politics. How do they make room in their conservative theology for this multi-married, promiscuous pussy-grabber who mocked a disabled reporter, a gold star family, and a deceased war hero;Continue reading “The American presidency is permanently damaged”

They are precious in His sight…

Even as a lover of words, my vocabulary fails me in expressing the frustration, grief, and RAGE I feel about the thousands of families that my nation’s government has torn asunder: children ripped—in some cases permanently—from the arms of their parents. The federal departments overseeing this human rights violation have not kept records and haveContinue reading “They are precious in His sight…”

What you have done to the least of these…

Eighteen years ago this fall, I accompanied a group of college students on a retreat over at a beautiful camp in Angola, NY. The setting was on the bluffs high above the Lake Erie shoreline.  We had a delightful time there except for one terrifying incident that is still burnished into my memory two decadesContinue reading “What you have done to the least of these…”

A longer table, not a higher wall…

This infernal wall which got Trump elected–and that Mexico was supposed to pay for–is going to be paid for by each and every American taxpayer and is going to add another $20,000,000,000 to the national debt. I object to having my tax dollars contribute to this wretched mistake. There are far better ways to investContinue reading “A longer table, not a higher wall…”

“The world is black; the world is white. Together we grow to see the light…”

It is hard to ignore the deep divisions within our society: rich vs. poor; conservative vs. liberal; gay vs. straight; haves vs. have-nots; Christians vs. Muslims… The most troubling one continues to be white vs. persons of color. Something about the 2016 election seems to have unleashed a new factionalism in America, as well asContinue reading ““The world is black; the world is white. Together we grow to see the light…””

I’m so sorry, Mohammad…

In 1839, American columnist John O’Sullivan wrote, “We are the nation of human progress, and who will, what can, set limits to our onward march in this great experiment in liberty?” When I was in college, I was privileged to find a friend from the other side of the planet. He had come from the strangeContinue reading “I’m so sorry, Mohammad…”

9/11: Where do we go from here?

On this 15th anniversary of 9/11, I feel as if I still have more questions than answers:  Why so much hatred in the world? Why do we continue to let hatred and fear divide us? I have the sinking feeling that no matter who wins the presidential election this year, we all lose because theContinue reading “9/11: Where do we go from here?”