“Did heaven look on and would not take their part?”

Watching the atrocities being committed against the Ukrainian people, their children, even their pets, is incapacitating me.  Putin’s evil forces are destroying homes, infrastructure, and power sources, thus leaving the Ukrainian people to suffer, flee, freeze, starve, and die. The madman appear to be actually targeting fleeing civilians. Peace-loving people around the world watch inContinue reading ““Did heaven look on and would not take their part?””

The judgment of history is on you, Senator McConnell: do the right thing.

Dear Senator McConnell, I’m writing to implore you to carefully consider the judgment of history in this perilous moment.  I completely understand the intense party loyalty and pressure that you must feel. It has to be tempting to think about 2020 and the November election and to focus on doing battle against the Democrats. YouContinue reading “The judgment of history is on you, Senator McConnell: do the right thing.”

On the Shoulders of a Giant…

Across my 22 years of schooling I was incredibly fortunate to encounter three remarkable women educators who fostered in me a love of learning, lighted my path, inspired me with their wisdom, and prepared me as an educator. This past week the world lost one of these luminaries: my favorite college professor, academic advisor, andContinue reading “On the Shoulders of a Giant…”

A longer table, not a higher wall…

This infernal wall which got Trump elected–and that Mexico was supposed to pay for–is going to be paid for by each and every American taxpayer and is going to add another $20,000,000,000 to the national debt. I object to having my tax dollars contribute to this wretched mistake. There are far better ways to investContinue reading “A longer table, not a higher wall…”

The Whispers of Ten Generations

As a historian, the most compelling aspect of anything for me is how it came to be. During my three decades as a New Yorker, that has certainly become the case with my state. I’ve read and researched New York’s rich history, from Henry Hudson’s ill-fated search for a northwest passage to the Orient upContinue reading “The Whispers of Ten Generations”