“The world is black; the world is white. Together we grow to see the light…”

It is hard to ignore the deep divisions within our society: rich vs. poor; conservative vs. liberal; gay vs. straight; haves vs. have-nots; Christians vs. Muslims… The most troubling one continues to be white vs. persons of color. Something about the 2016 election seems to have unleashed a new factionalism in America, as well asContinue reading ““The world is black; the world is white. Together we grow to see the light…””


It feels like a lifetime ago that my young son spoke disrespectfully of then President Bush.  I corrected him and said that even though we strongly disagreed with some of Mr. Bush’s policies, we treat him with respect because we respect the presidency and we respect our nation.  I was a fan of neither GeorgeContinue reading “#notmypresident”

Can you see the morning after?

Yesterday began with such hope and promise. The sun shone brightly; New Yorkers flocked to the grave of Susan B. Anthony–with their “I voted” stickers–to celebrate a century of progress on women’s rights culminating in the promise of a bright victory and a new era of hope. But as the electoral map began hemorrhaging redContinue reading “Can you see the morning after?”

And that’s why #I’mWithHer

With surprising frequency over the years I have been asked variations on the questions “How can you possibly support Hillary Clinton?” and “How can a Christian vote for a pro-choice candidate?” Last evening I had a dear and earnest friend who has grown entirely disenchanted with Donald Trump ask me to help her find herContinue reading “And that’s why #I’mWithHer”