Farewell, Sweet Tillie

“Everyone thinks that they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.” – W. R. Purche I chose you, sight unseen, and went to retrieve you over in Busti (?), New York.  The breeder had two simultaneous litters, born one day apart, and I could hear the noise from the puppy pen beforeContinue reading “Farewell, Sweet Tillie”

The dog no one wanted…

“Too big.”“Too loud.”“Too strong.”“Too aggressive.”“Too naughty.”“She runs away too often.”How many times had she been brought back to the shelter?Sarah didn’t know any of that.All she knew was this:For a creature who wanted nothing more than to run wild & free,She was dying a little, every day, in this tiny cage, at the Norfolk AnimalContinue reading “The dog no one wanted…”