A Year of Lasts…

JonDavid’s senior year–which sneaked up on us when he skipped a grade–has been one last after another. The last first day of school, the last game to watch from the bleachers, the last prom….in a couple of weeks it will be the last play, the last birthday at home, and the one I am reallyContinue reading “A Year of Lasts…”

Her name….Mother of Exiles

It is hard to know how we, as a nation, will come through this present situation involving ISIS terrorism, Syria, and the refugee crisis.  I loathe the fact that we are leaving my children and grandchildren such a frightening world.  It makes my own Cold-War-hiding-under-our-school-desks-in-case-the-Communists-bomb-us childhood seem tame by comparison.  However we emerge on the other sideContinue reading “Her name….Mother of Exiles”

Remembering Dr. Miller

Our dear obstetrician, and friend, Dr. F. Clifton Miller died in an automobile accident last night, as he rushed to Jones Memorial Hospital for yet another emergency.  He died as he had lived: serving others.  I can’t imagine that we could have ever found a better guide through the incredible adventure of childbirth. When weContinue reading “Remembering Dr. Miller”

The Angels of Our Better Nature

My spirit is so deeply grieved by this horrific massacre in Oregon and by the predictable partisan bickering about what we should do about it.  America, we can and must do better.  We owe it to our ancestors who fought and sacrificed and compromised and immigrated and bled to build our nation. The status quoContinue reading “The Angels of Our Better Nature”

“I guess the world is not a wish-granting factory.”

In a wonderful example of cosmic irony, I made my annual pilgrimage to my dermatologist on Monday, Oct. 13th where, upon the 20th anniversary of my melanoma, he declared the book closed on that cancer case.  On Thursday, Oct. 23rd, my urologist told me I had prostate cancer.  Thanks universe: it was a swell tenContinue reading ““I guess the world is not a wish-granting factory.””